Blight Reduction Program

For information on the newest HHF program, the Blight Reduction Program (“BRP”), please click here.

BRP, created in the Spring of 2014 will be used by IHDA to decrease preventable foreclosures and stabilize neighborhoods by supporting Illinois units of government and their Not-For-Profit Partners as they target blighted, vacant, residential properties in specific communities for demolition, greening, and eventual reuse or redevelopment. 

Illinois Hardest Hit Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Hardest Hit program. On July 19th, 2013 it was announced that the final date to apply for the Illinois Hardest Hit Program® (HHF) assistance is September 30, 2013. The program is now closed for new applications. Thousands of homeowners across Illinois who have experienced a 20 percent drop or more in income have already been helped and received temporary mortgage assistance through the program. 

If you are an existing program recipient, please log in to access your account.

If you are currently in need of assistance, be sure to connect with the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network by visiting or calling 1-855-KEEP-411 (1-855-533-7411). The Network is a FREE, one-stop resource to connect homeowners with important tools, including access to counseling services, legal advice, mortgage assistance, and tips on how to avoid mortgage fraud. Help is available. Don't delay, act now!

IFPN Logo The Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN)
If you don't qualify for the Illinois Hardest Hit Program, we urge you to visit or call 1-855-KEEP-411 toll-free(1-855-533-7411). Get connected to a housing counselor who can suggest other programs you may be eligible for.

- WARNING - is the OFFICIAL website for the Illinois Hardest Hit Fund Program.  If you feel you have become a victim of mortgage assistance fraud, you may contact us at or contact the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Financial Stability Anti-Fraud Unit or the SIGTARP Hotline

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